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At Monday's Forum in Alpine

So how hard did the Legislature look at reductions?

• Senate tried to cut about $150M

   •• House short stopped this

   •• In reality the House plussed up the taking out of savings by about $20M

Rep Halverson's position: Oh, yes we did... [look hard at cuts]

In the below audio the question to us was 'what do you do think the people of Wyoming want in the coming session?' My position is clear: we have to look much, much harder at reducing spending.

• Contrast Rep Halverson w/Sen Scott's words about a future financial cliff

• I've attended Appropriations and Education Committee hearings

   •• In my opinion no real effort to reduce education

Education Recalibration Study

• Intended to find reductions and efficiencies

• Instead study recommended a plus up

• Sen. Scott confirms my numbers in his speech

Senator Charlie Scott spoke grimly (same clip as above)

• A future fiscal cliff on the horizon

• Budget Session turned into a jousting match Senate vs House

• Late on a Saturday night with Gov Mead: House won

• At session start savings withdrawal was to be $902M

• At the end that grew to $922M: That's a hard look?

• In my observation Wyoming is headed for an income tax

  •• I began seeing indicators of this 4 years ago in a bill titled "Vision 2020."

• I will work to prevent an income tax

   •• Get into the details of each department budget & reduce spending.

• Have to make savings last as long as possible

Candidate for Wyoming Legislature House District 22

• The Status Quo is not good enough

   •• The Budget Session simply passed

       a Status Quo funding bill

• Moves us closer to an income tax

   •• the faster our savings run out the

       sooner there are far fewer options

 • There is $50M excess in Education

    •• Excessive administration/paperwork


• In my observation Wyoming women are not compensated equally

• As a Private Citizen I directly changed the methodology of our Computer Science Curriculum


What I will do in the Legislature

(See the On the Issues tab for more detail}

• Stand firm against a tax increase

  •• Get into the budget lines of departments

• Root out excess education administration

  •• Excess paper pushed onto classrooms

• I will stand firmly for Equality State

• There are those who say "I'm fighting for


    •• That really means: "I get nothing


Bill at the Computer Science Legislation signing

Leaders must listen to the people.

• Good ideas come from many, many places.

Leaders must hold the government accountable before others.

• Bureaucracies crush people

As I look back on my time in command of two Navy ships I have used these principles to great effect.

Politicians try to dream up the next neat new program
• How to "fix boom & bust" of energy markets
: Leaders must unlock

   people's potential

  •• Regulations, regulations, regulations... & Taxes, taxes, taxes...

      These hold people and businesses down

Straight shooter... strong speaker... Nuclear Submarine Captain...




























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