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The Chinese Navy doesn't get it. 

John Paul Jones Father of our Navy once said:

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way."  ...And that is how our Navy thinks, trains, and operates.

Sinking US aircraft carriers will resolve tension in South China Sea, says Chinese admiral

The deputy head of a Chinese military academy told an audience that tensions in the South China Sea could be resolved by sinking a pair of U.S. aircraft carriers.

"What the United States fears the most is taking casualties," said Rear Admiral Lou Yuan, deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, reported. He said sinking one carrier would kill 5,000 and sinking two would double that number.

Brad Glosserman, a China expert and professor at Tokyo’s Tama University, said Lou’s comments reflect a growing belief in China that the United States has lost its stomach for war, according to a report from

The Chinese believe that "Americans have gone soft … [they] no longer have an appetite for sacrifice and at the first sign of genuine trouble they will cut and run," Glosserman said.

In his speech, Loui said there were "five cornerstones of the United States" open to exploitation: their military, their money, their talent, their voting system -- and their fear of adversaries, according to the report.

Bradford Betz is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @bradford_betz.


To the Heliopause and Beyond

Our reach for things greater than ourselves continues

Ed Stone is the chief scientist with the Voyager 2 program. He began his journey in 1972, the year I became an Ensign. As you'll read, Voyager 2 has just crossed the Heliopause where the outward pressure from the Sun's streaming particles is equalled by the inward pressure of interstellar space particles.


Then on to the Oort Cloud, in say about 300 years and then in 40,000 years the far edge of the Oort Cloud and truly into interstellar space. Kind of brings to mind the Walt Disney character Buzz Lightyear and his famous words: "To infinity and beyond..."



The Boy is Father of the Man














It took me a bit to connect the dots between these two pictures. The institutions we have that raise our youth are vital to this nation. I understand there are those that object to some aspects of the Boy Scouts of America, now simply Scouts. Yet it is important to recognize the values they teach along with other things like self-sufficiency, readiness and ingenuity. Some of the recent changes in Scouts will need to be watched to ensure the organization continues to demonstrate those things it has long stood for in raising our youth against those who would subvert it to some agenda.

God Bless both young men.

Bill Winney

Chartering Organization Representative

Cub Scout Pack 9

Bondurant, WY








Wyoming is Inching toward an Income Tax

In my view this article reveals a legislative babystep toward an income tax (click the picture for the full article). This Forbes Magazine article about the recent Joint Revenue Committee Interim Hearing is worth reading. Wyoming has long struggled with the Boom & Bust cycle of the mineral industry. The allure of these kind of taxes is that it will fix that cycle as it affects state revenues. I believe that to be a chimera.





Sharon Smitherman posted on facebook.

Nice touch in the world of politics.




Read All About It!

Our Newest Aircraft Carrier in the Arsenal

This link leads to a slide show I think you'll like!

Pictured is the USS John F Kenedy (CVN-79)

The USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78) Class is the newest of our aircraft carriers. These have nearly 10 Acres of Sovereign US Territory we can send wherever we want on the Seven Seas. They come with over 20 years of fuel.



Occam's Razor


The NY Times OP-Ed Revelations

by a "Senior Trump Administration Official"


As we come to deal with the revelations in the NY Times OP-Ed pages of a senior official of President Trump's administration, I think it useful to reflect on history. Occam's Razor tells us that in all likelihood the simplest explanation for something is the most accurate. So what do we do with this OP-Ed piece?

We continually hear "revelations" about the current administration. Many stretch credulity in odd ways. I believe that history guides us. Consider the Death Bed revelations by William J Casey who headed the CIA under President Reagan. These revelations came from a sneaky 4 minute interview by Bob Woodward of Watergate fame. Somehow he snuck into a guarded room and got Mr. Casey to acnowledge actions by the Reagan Administration that were incrediblly aligned with Mr. Woodward's perceptions.

Mr. Casey was in the final stages of brain cancer, was barely able to speak coherently, and was likely barely able to perceive the true nature of a conversation. Had Mr. Woodward written his book and advertised his conclusions as purely his interpretation of a long series of "on the record" interviews, it was fully credible. But Mr. Woodward hadn't quite gotten the "confession" from Mr. Casey and had to "ice the cake."

Thus the deathbed "confessions" of William J Casey were just too convenient, just too simply explained as fabricated. I believe Mr. Woodward continues to trade on his fame from the 1970s Watergate expose in asking people to believe things that "ice the cake."

In my opinion the current revelations of a senior Trump Administration official are quite similarly just too convenient. The simple expanation is that they fit far too well into the media's depiction of the Trump administration but are incredible on their face.


A great big thank you to all who supported me and to those who graciously spoke to me as I campaigned.


I have seen articles such as this one by Rammell (Friess has said similar things) wherein a candidate complains about their loss. Face it Mark Gordon won.

The day after the Primary election I posted this on my facebook page:

These kind of comments, to include foster friess', serve no purpose. Get over it, the election's done. You knew the rules going in. Maybe this makes you feel better but its really just Monday Morning Quarterbacking...
So get over it and get on with doing things better for Wyoming in whatever capacity you may be able to.

 I stand by these words. Get back to work and do things to improve Wyoming. File away the reasons things worked out as they did and change things next time.

To all of those in Wyoming: Godspeed, we've got work to do. ...And again thank you to the people of HD-22.




There is no more powerful demonstration of Freedom than getting out and voting.

Today, August 21st, is another celebration of our freedoms. Whatever else is in your day: Vote!

May Godspeed America's travels.


The Term Limits folks said that my opponent has consistently refused to support this. When they approached me I signed right up. If you look at the thinking of those who drafted our Constitution, it was quite clear that they expected members of Congress to come in & leave Congress routinely. They never envisioned the modern professionalization of Congress.


At Monday's Forum in Alpine

So how hard did the Legislature look at reductions?

• Senate tried to cut about $150M

   •• House short stopped this

   •• In reality the House plussed up the taking out of savings by about $20M

Rep Halverson's position: Oh, yes we did... [look hard at cuts]

In the below audio the question to us was 'what do you do think the people of Wyoming want in the coming session?' My position is clear: we have to look much, much harder at reducing spending.

• Contrast Rep Halverson w/Sen Scott's words about a future financial cliff

• I've attended Appropriations and Education Committee hearings

   •• In my opinion no real effort to reduce education

Education Recalibration Study

• Intended to find reductions and efficiencies

• Instead study recommended a plus up

• Sen. Scott confirms my numbers in his speech

Senator Charlie Scott spoke grimly (same clip as above)

• A future fiscal cliff on the horizon

• Budget Session turned into a jousting match Senate vs House

• Late on a Saturday night with Gov Mead: House won

• At session start savings withdrawal was to be $902M

• At the end that grew to $922M: That's a hard look?

• In my observation Wyoming is headed for an income tax

  •• I began seeing indicators of this 4 years ago in a bill titled "Vision 2020."

• I will work to prevent an income tax

   •• Get into the details of each department budget & reduce spending.

• Have to make savings last as long as possible

Candidate for Wyoming Legislature House District 22

• The Status Quo is not good enough

   •• The Budget Session simply passed

       a Status Quo funding bill

• Moves us closer to an income tax

   •• the faster our savings run out the

       sooner there are far fewer options

 • There is $50M excess in Education

    •• Excessive administration/paperwork


• In my observation Wyoming women are not compensated equally

• As a Private Citizen I directly changed the methodology of our Computer Science Curriculum


What I will do in the Legislature

(See the On the Issues tab for more detail}

• Stand firm against a tax increase

  •• Get into the budget lines of departments

• Root out excess education administration

  •• Excess paper pushed onto classrooms

• I will stand firmly for Equality State

• There are those who say "I'm fighting for


    •• That really means: "I get nothing


Bill at the Computer Science Legislation signing

Leaders must listen to the people.

• Good ideas come from many, many places.

Leaders must hold the government accountable before others.

• Bureaucracies crush people

As I look back on my time in command of two Navy ships I have used these principles to great effect.

Politicians try to dream up the next neat new program
• How to "fix boom & bust" of energy markets
: Leaders must unlock

   people's potential

  •• Regulations, regulations, regulations... & Taxes, taxes, taxes...

      These hold people and businesses down

Straight shooter... strong speaker... Nuclear Submarine Captain...




























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