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The evening of July 21st Sublette County's Chamber of Commerce held a candidate forum. The coming primary election on August 16th was the driver of this. Here is the link:

There is a passcode to access this: %RsAh6Us

There were 5 questions and each candidate responded to the same questions. In a few cases the questions did not apply to a given cadidate for their position.

Candidate were given 1 minute to introduce themselves, then 2 minutes for each question and then 1 minute for closing words. The order of cadidates was by drawn lots and after question #2 lots were drawn again.

This was a long evening. My speaking times were:

Slider bar times Hrs:minutes

Introduction  0:19

Question 1   0:39

Are you against creating new state, local or increased property taxes, and why?

Question 2   1:06

What do you feel is a major issue right now not only impacting Sublette County but our state, and how would you address that issue?

Question 3   1:55

With current inflation what are you going to do to protect our population from poverty?

Question 4   2:25

Besides the oil industry what other industries do you think Sublette County should be concentrating on to keep our local economy healthy for the future?

Question 5   2:56

With the current and growing supply chain issues how can we protect Sublette County from shortages?

Closing        3:17

What set you apart from the other Candidates?

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