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What kept me busy at the height of the Covid stuff!

The isolation time had me working on things around the house. Plumbing, finishing the basement, sheetrocking, electrical work, locating a Freezer and getting it into the basement. Some work outside the house but most was inside. Louise just said "Get to work..." Along the way Louise was making Covid-19 Masks. I was put to work cutting out the material. We sent a box of 100 to the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and offered some around Bondurant and the district.

My line from the well to the house developed a leak. Initially a bit confusing but put a valve in line and the system operated near normal while manually operating the valve. Then ordered a check valve (UPS is doing a booming business to Bondurant...) and once in, the system is operating nearly normal.


Moved the pump controller to shorten the wiring.



Finally, there was a big loop of piping across the floor. Got rid of that by putting in new piping against the wall.








Onto more work. Putting in some walls in the basement. Getting the 2x4s plumb & square takes some work. So far, so good! The work began with 2x4 framing and insulation around the periphery. Then some sheetrock around the outside walls (mudding will be later). Now some internal walls. So far the walls and electrical were done with on hand stuff from original contruction.


On the Square!




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