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In the wake of recent Supreme Court Rulings

In the wake of several recent Supreme Court Rulings, renewed violence reminiscent of 2020 has been threatened. One of the clear duties of a government is to maintain "domestic tranquility." Our leaders must do so and our legislature is obligated to provide appropriate legal tools. I will work to that.


2020 Riots and Looting

Riots 1968Our nation is facing serious disturbances in our cities. They began as protests of a death that occurred as part of an arrest. Peaceable protests began and are legitimate.

These protests then broke out into rioting and looting. Authorities are beginning to see indications of organized insurrection, seemingly by antifa. This is domestic terrorism. It must be dealt with as such.

In my mind, as we watch people lose businesses that they put their life into, our law enforcement must get into this, take into custody those fomenting it, and the judicary must deal harshly with those people. In my experience in the Navy, there are those in this world that do things like this, knowing full well what they are doing and that it is unlawful, and do it anyway. They must be dealt with.

The left image is from April 1968 in the aftermath of the assasination of Martin Luther King.


In the end there is a reason that our Constitution has a 2nd Amendment. It is the fundamental right of self defense for ones person and property. There is a growing theme on Facebook that says that those states that are staunch 2nd Amendment supporters are seeing little of this stuff. We will have to see how that plays out. But in the end I believe this behavior shows very clearly that the 2nd Amendment was well thought out and fully intentionally put into the Bill of Rights.

The National Guard has been called out in some 15 states. Currently there is no intention to use them in civil law enforcement roles... but they could be so long as they remain under their respective Governors. In some cases they will be unarmed in other cases their governors will put sidearms on them.

With regard to employment of federal troops there is much law applicable. Posse Comitatus does not necessarily prevent the President from acting with the Army or other forces. Note that the National Guard under Title 32 or State Active Duty remain under the authority of their respective Governors. Thus they may be used in Civil Law Enforcement if so assigned.

Tear Gas

I got into a facebook exchange over whether tear gas was used in Washington DC. The exchange got rather off the rails so I dropped it. But then I went back and added this to the exchange:

"I read the Washington Post perhaps you did also [many years ago]. Later while on duty in the Pentagon I had to deal with reporters from various organizations, many from the Washington Post. Far too many were just untruthful and the Washington Post guys were by far the worst. They only told the truth when it suited their purpose, which was rather rare.
"I had more than one occasion to be called in front of an admiral for something I supposedly said to a reporter. There is a reason a Public Affairs Officer sits in with you when these kind of reporters are asking questions. Invariably the PAO guy was key to backing up my side of the interview... and got the Admiral off my back. They are all about "Perception Management" that's all.
"So no I don't believe these reports. Nor do I believe eyewitness reports. I did too many investigations while on active duty. Eyewitnesses are some of the least trustworthy. To call someone a liar means you can read their mind and that they know they are presenting false evidence. I'm not a mind reader. But just because someone really believes what they say is truthful doesn't make it accurate."

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