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For Uinta County Voters

(And other voters who may know Garry Piiparinen)

Some years ago then Representative Garry Piiparinen from Uinta County sent me this card on his Representative's Stationery. I have long treasured it. He was a friend and we spoke often about various pieces of legislation and how best to present them in Public Comment.

          Again, Thank you, Good and Faithful Representative,

          Bill Winney


Nuclear Power Generation Experience

30 years Active Duty in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Service

Key Positions held across a career:

• Reactor Controls Officer of a Nuclear Submarine

• Instructor in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program Training System

• Chief Engineer of a Nuclear Submarine

• Commanding Officer of a Nuclear Submarine

• Commanding Officer of a Submarine Tender: A Nuclear Repair and Support Facility

• Led a Submarine Budgeting Office in the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations

• Office of the Assistant to  the Secretary of Defense (Atomic Energy)

My first experience with budgeting was in 1986 when I was assigned to the Navy Pentagon Staff. (This was followed by additional assignments through about 2000.) In the late 80s the Reagan Defense budgets turned over from a clearly increasing budget into a barely inflation adjusted budget. I had to look at killing one major program while keeping others going and a couple on "life support." Not easy for a guy that just came out of the world of running the engineering involved in submarines... well we all learn.

So what do you do? First is to get into the programs and find the minimum base level of money. Specifically what is the cost of heat, lights, buildings, etc. Then you establish the necessary but flexible things. What is then left, usually around 3-7%, can be cut quickly. You start with that...

• Under the Education Tab "Solving a Complex Problem" shows how I solved a clear education problem as a private citizen.

• As a private citizen spoke up on Rep Allen Jaggi's Rangeland Monitoring bill. He asked for 50% funding, my words gave him 100%. This bill went through several versions before it was passed.

  • Republican

  • Eagle Scout

  • Met my lifelong sweetheart Louise - Church Camp 1966 - Now married 52 years.

  • She graduated college in 3 years to be together.

  • Graduate US Naval Academy 1972, BS - Oceanography



• Nuclear Sub Captain, Major Command Captain

   •• Both ships top performers

   •• Best job in the world!

• Masters Degree - Catholic University of America, 2000

• Vice President, Green River Valley Health Foundation

• Past Chartering Organization Representative Cub Scout Pack 9

• USS Wyoming - Honorable Dick Cheney Scholarship Fund Committee

• Past President, Breakfast Rotary Club of Jackson & Paul Harris Fellow

• Board Member Wyoming Veterans Legal Assistance

FAA Certificated Flight Instructor

Over 4 Years experience with governmental budgeting in Washington, DC

  • Two Major Acquisition Category I programs (>$1B)

    •• During major budget reduction time frame

Toastmasters International "Competent Toastmaster" certificate

  • Strong ability to speak

"Plank Owner" in US Strategic Command

I believe a leader owes more to his people than they owe to him


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