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My Letter to SD-14

Bill Winney

Republican Candidate for Senate District 14

Wyoming’s property tax system must be changed. Our Constitution sets out requirements for property taxation. It was established in an era where gold was $20/oz and inflation small. In 1973 monetary inflation became the “coin of the realm.” What this means to retirees on fixed incomes is that the tax basis of their residence is rising up underneath them.

Wyoming retirees should have a Cost-of-Living Adjustment routinely factored into their retirement stipend. Our Legislature has side-stepped this for too many years. I believe this to be a matter of what I call “organizational honesty.” In other words, a pledge was made that a retirement benefit of a certain value would be provided. Yet at the end of the day the legislature knows that value is continually declining.

I will work for the success of the Kemmerer Nuclear Reactor Plant. Getting it going is of great importance to Wyoming and to southwest Wyoming. It is important to send someone to the Legislature that understands nuclear energy and power production.

My background:         Eagle Scout

30 years active duty in the Navy Nuclear Submarine Force.

• Chief Engineer of a Nuclear Powered Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine

• Commanding Officer of a Nuclear Powered Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine

• Chief of Command and Control, US Strategic Command, Omaha NE

• Cruise Missile (Tomahawk Cruise Missile) Program Coordinator, Staff, Chief of Naval Operations IN DC

• Nuclear Matters Staff for the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Atomic Energy

Education: BS, US Naval Academy; MSE, The Catholic University of America

I have observed our Legislature for several years and spoken in Public Comment to good success. On the reverse is a Resolution Commending me for my work for the people of Wyoming. (See the Legislative Resolution: opening page).

Along the way of my travels some enemies have come my way. They are sometimes vocal and have even taken out ads. This is precisely because I stood firm in the face of falsehood. I ask that when I come to your front door or at various meetings that you form your own opinion.

Louise is my wife of 52 years. We met in 1966 at a summertime Church Camp, marrying on my graduation from the Naval Academy. We have three sons, all UW Grads. One son is a Wy National Guard Captain. Louise and I are blessed with five grandchildren.

These past three years have taught me the true meaning of marriage: It is a promise, each to the other: “I will be there for you.” Child-bearing and raising children is tough duty, particularly for our military families, and some aspects of it come after children depart the home. Louise has undergone several major health issues these past three years. It was important that I be there for her throughout.

My promise to you is, as your Senator, I will be there for you. Your voice matters, Bill Winney

Paid for by Bill Winney

Paid for by: Bill Winney
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