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My Background: Radio Spot

People are wondering about my background and how I became part of Sublette County...

Here is the transcript of a radio spot I placed today on that:

Bob Rule: Tell me about yourself Bill Winney

Bill Winney: I came to Sublette and Bondurant in the mid-70s. Helped a friend build a log cabin on The Hoback. My wife and I decided then we loved Sublette.

Bob Rule: Bill Winney, A few years before you settled here?

Bill Winney: I was on active duty in the Navy then, teaching at the Idaho Nuclear sites. I changed my state, got a drivers license, and voted.

Bob Rule: A few years then, correct, Bill Winney?

Bill Winney: Yes, I bought land in the 90s. The County Clerk could track my career from my ballot requests.

Bob Rule: Then the Navy retired you, Bill Winney?

Bill Winney: Driving nuclear Submarines is a young man’s game. I came back to Wyoming, built my home, and began observing our legislature. Along the way, I realized that as a private citizen, I could influence legislation. I then followed specific bills, speaking up, leading to the statewide Computer Science curriculum that I provided the groundwork thinking for.

Bob Rule: Any Volunteer Work, Bill Winney?

Bill Winney: I spent 4 years as a Cub Scout Pack Chartering Organization Rep, I’m on the Wyoming State Veterans Legal Assistance Board, and the Green River Valley Health Foundation. Past President of a Rotary Club.

Bob Rule: Family, Bill Winney?

Bill Winney: Met my wife at a church camp, we married after my Annapolis years and celebrated our 50th Anniversary. Three sons, all UW Graduates, one is a First Lieutenant in the Wyoming Guard. …And Five Grandkids along the way…

Bob Rule: Talking with Bill Winney Republican candidate for Sublette & La Barge’s HD-20.                                               Paid for by Bill Winney


Paid for by: Bill Winney
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