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Endorsed by Co Wy Petroleum Marketers Assn

The Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association and Convenience Store Association (WPMA) endorses Bill Winney for House District 22. When considering a candidate for endorsement, WPMA takes into consideration many elements. Primarily, the candidate must demonstrate that they are prepared to take on the difficult task of crafting the laws of the state and implementing a budget that fits within the appropriate role of government and the Constitution. 

Bill Winney has been observing and participating in the legislature for over twelve years in a voluntary capacity and has honed skills and knowledge uncommon of most candidates and even current legislators. He has been honored for his participation by the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House. The fact that Bill was responsible for budgets the size of Wyoming's while serving in the U.S. Navy in the Pentagon and as a nuclear submarine Captain, further reflects the training and experience "Captain" Winney represents. He will hit the ground running if elected.

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