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At the Front Door - Sherry Luthi

A few days ago I was campaigning along State Line Road in Freedom, Wy. I stopped to talk with Sherry Luthi who was mowing her lawn. As we talked she made me think of what leaders owe to their people.

Over the next few days I thought some more. Then went back to thank Sherry for her words.

As an element of how I led people in the Navy I always felt that leaders owe more to their people than the people owe them. ...And that's how I did business. In command my ships were very successful. It was as if the Good Lord was watching over my shoulder and tapping it every so often.

My commitment to Sherry, and to you, is that is precisely how I will do business in Cheyenne. I will come and talk with you and then carry your thinking to Cheyenne. It is my responsibility to talk and learn from you the people.

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