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63rd General Session Bills Spoken On


SF 8 Education Accountability & Assessment

I have long felt that the legislature was on the wrong track to improve education. For example as I see it, the excessive testing regimen not only detracts from classroom time, but creates an incentive to teach the test.

HB 23 Next Gen Science Standards

I objected to this bill as forcing too much onto teachers.

HB 11 Distance education task force

Supported this bill. The Military has been doing this for many years to great success. In one case I took a course long distance while stationed in Guam. The course was being given in Newport, Rhode Island on Friday evenings, while the same time on Guam was Saturday morning. It worked just fine.

HB 163 Critical Access Hospital Endowment Program

This change would have enabled those districts without a hospital to access the currently existing endowment funds. I spoke up as the Vice President of the Rural Health Foundation of Sublette County. The Senate side is concerned with future revenues and Committee Chairman Ross would not present it to his committee. I spoke to him personally to no avail.

HB 144 School Safety & Security

Supported this bill in the sense of ensuring our local sheriffs were properly supported in this.


Unrelated to a specific bill, I requested ten minutes to address both Education committees and was given that time. It took a lot of work to preposition the handout I had. The Committee Secretaries helped me immensely to ensure I was ready on a moments notice. I spoke on the need for the WDE to have proper mechanisms to follow money provided by the legislature. Committee members quickly picked up the handout and paid attention to it as I spoke.(See Pull Down Tab: Speaking up on Education)

Followed closely:

Call for a Constitutional Convention

HB245 Medicaid Share Plan 2

SF 80 Trespass to Collect Data

SF 122 Vision 2020

SF 14 Asset Forfeiture


Had several conversations with Speaker Brown & a few other legislators about not putting things in statute that belong in regulations. I think it sank in, as these proposals did not come to fruition.



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