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The Troubling Media

Part 2

It now appears that the media is buying the line from Democrat Operatives that the Wikileaks stuff was "really stolen by the Russians" and "only revealed by those bad, bad Russians to interfere with our election process.

Lets be clear, hilary's campaign is not denying the accuracy and authenticity of these troubling emails. That is telling evidence. Rather they are simply trying to distract people from them by labeling them as "stolen" by those bad, bad Russians & Vladimir Putin to be specific.

Don't bite. What you are hearing is the true measure of  hilary's heart and how she will run the White House.


The Troubling Media

Analysis of the third debate is now out. Of course each side has declared victory, that's how politics works. I believe the true key is that for the first time in the Presidential debate series we had a skilled moderator running the show. A moderator willing to let the chips fall where they may.

If there's one thing I have learned in this campaign it is that the media crossed the line from favoritism to propaganda some time ago. The selection of Chris Wallace enabled the American people to see into the soul of each candidate. I believe the choice is now obvious.

I have been long unhappy (what conservative hasn't been!) with what I perceived as moderators openly driving the debate in favor of the democratic candidate. I have long scanned and read articles in the Washington Post, New York Times, and others, taking what I read with a grain of salt... The Christian Science Monitor did seem to offer an anchor along the way.

Yet from things like the WikiLeaks revelations and the clear contrast of Chris Wallace with previous moderators, it is now quite clear that the media has long ago crossed over from advocacy for a position to propaganda.

Here's an interview with Chris Wallace wherein he says flat out Donald Trump could be President. I was surprised to find him a registered Democrat. But the reality is if you look past the hoopla generated by the media in order to support hillary's campaign, underneath is a guy that's done things in this world. Stories of true generosity coupled with indicators that he hired and promoted purely on merit keep bubbling up, but are ignored.

Stories of hilary's vicious petulance also keep bubbling up. They are legion throughout the WikiLeaks revelations. I still find troubling that hillary has spent a career benefiting from and exploiting the public purse.

What a contrast!

Finally consider this article about hillary's seeming revelation of top secret information. The core issue revealed isn't that she named the correct timing (If it was even correct). The core issue is that she named a time at all. It is as if she's entitled to reveal whatever information she wants. Then the follow-on issue is that were she to be elected she becomes a final classification authority entitled to reveal what ever she chooses without penalty.

So why hasn't the media leaped on this one? I've learned something about how propaganda works... The passage below was prepared by the US Office of Strategic Services during World War II explaining how the German people were deceived. This passage is eerily applicable to what we are seeing today.

"[The] primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it."


The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming...

Wednesday night's debate brought to the fore the role of WikiLeaks in opening doors into the soul of hilary. Yet she proposed that it was all "just the Russians" doing it to influence our election. Of course they will try and sow disinformation, that's their methodology.

During one of my tours of duty in the Pentagon arena I happened by a bookstore in the mini-mall that is part of that huge structure. I saw this book in the window and bought it, I think about 1988 shortly after its initial publication. It's a good read, but more importantly it shows how the Russian/Soviet/Putin mind works.

One of several things I took away from this book is that the Soviets did indeed covertly support the Anit-Viet Nam movement in our nation. This book made clear that the KGB in fact sent over money to various Anti-Viet Nam protest groups within our nation.

Vladimir Putin cut his teeth as a leader in the "State Security Apparatus" of the Soviet world. So why are we surprised that the Russian (nee Soviet) mindset seeks to worm its way into the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of our election?

Bottom line: I don't see WikiLeaks as part of the Russian efforts, whatever they may be. In any event the WikiLeaks has produced a vast pool of incriminating emails, all of which seem to have the necessary context within them to be standalone and credible on their face.

So why don't the general media dig into these emails? That's the real question. Blaming the Russians for WikiLeaks distracts from any possible vetting of those emails. Of course if the goal is distraction from the true issue such a characterization fits right in.


At 3AM Sec'y Clinton was not there when

Amb Stevens needed help.

  Wednesday morning (19th) I saw the TV ad by the wife of Ty Woods, one of the Navy SEALS killed in Benghazi. As I've listened to the back and forth on what happened there, the one item that keeps coming up is the failure of US Leadership (eg the Dept of State in this case) to call for help from the US Armed Forces.
   I had the opportunity to see personally just how fast the US Military can react for real when the USS Greeneville sank the Ehime Maru off of Oahu in 2001. I was the senior officer in the SubPac HQ. I handled the initial hour and a half of the incident until the Coast Guard took over search and rescue (SAR). There are requirements to inform Washington quickly (as you can imagine). The response of Washington was equally fast. There is no doubt in my mind that our military was ready that Benghazi night, only needing the go signal from Dept of State. Given the time/distance issues for our forces to get there, someone needed to say "Go" very quickly.

  Yet no one did.

  At the end of the day, Sec'y Clinton was not there when the "3AM phone call" came in. Can we afford to have someone in charge of our nations ability to respond (including the "Nuclear Keys") who is so indecisive?

   Here's the NTSB Report:…/AccidentReports/…/MAB0501.pdf

App C includes a timeline. This time line does not mention reports to Washington as they were not important to their report. I can tell you Washington was interested and paying attention.


Went to Jackson the other day and visited with the Jackson Hole Tea Party

Chatted with Kit Carson from Cheyenne briefly and we spoke of the Presidential campaign. Of course how the dems do business came up and I mentioned what I believe to be the core of their ethics. I later posted this on my Facebook page (BillWinney22):

  As I'm listening to the discourse and the revelations of the Wikileaks, the core ethic of liberalism comes to mind:

  'Since what [the liberals] are doing is for peoples own good anyway, it is appropriate to lie if necessary to lead them along the way to their future.'

  We have now seen things like commentator Chuck Todd fiddling the numbers to show hilary as ahead when in fact the numbers show the opposite. Similarly, the media was passing questions for debates to hilary ahead of time.

  So, in a nation that believes in the 1st Amendment and therefore trusts the media to dig out and reveal the truth, where do we turn in holding people accountable?
  Our nation had a long history of the First Estate (Clergy) setting the tone for calling people to greater things. A generation ago the Second Estate (Judiciary) began invading that realm. They have then become enablers of the liberal ethic.
  What do we do? Whatever else is on the table, ensuring that the Second Estate is brought back from the precipice of 'defining a liberal religion' is of vast importance. Our founders had great faith in the media, but they never foresaw the possibility that the vast bulk of the media would begin carrying water for a single cause. Despite all of the distracting and stomach churning stuff in the media today, we must focus on ensuring the future of this nation and its adherence to our Constitution as envisioned over 200 years ago endures.
  Wikileaks has shown the true nature of the campaign behind hilary and the role of the media in bringing that about. That must be stopped.



The next time you hear of hrc's international diplomatic experience consider this:

The US response to China's burgeoning takeover in the South China Sea has been extraordinarily weak. So weak as to bring a comment by the Chinese Navy's equivalent to the Chief of Naval Operations in a public forum regarding their beginning of island building in the South China Sea: “We... didn’t expect the Americans would be so slow to react.”

This in a public forum shows brazenness. They are a clear adversary intent on expanding their access to resources. They are violating international law as found recently by international courts. For those who think they want another 4 years of the kind of weak diplomacy of the current administration, think again. We stood by while Russia walked into the Crimea, taking it away from another sovereign nation. We are in the process of watching China take over the South China Sea. We cannot sustain a continuation of the diplomacy of the past 8 years as our nation goes forward in the 21st century.

When you hear words like "Innocent Passage" associated with Freedom of Navigation Exercises don't be fooled. The term "Innocent Passage" is associated with a warship transiting sovereign waters of another nation. To apply it in this case is wrong. A Freedom of Navigation Operation makes a statement under international law that the waters transited by a warship are international waters. The issue is simple: if a nation makes a claim and it goes unchallenged, eventually it becomes recognized as fact. The intent of Freedom of Navigation Operations is to prevent any standing under international law of that assertion.

In the end, it is true that China did not begin island building until 2014, after hrc departed the State Department. Yet from my perspective she is clearly of like mind to the current modus operandi of the Obama Administration. If experience tells us anything it is that on things like this, standing by and hoping for the best is not the best policy. I am therefore skeptical of any claim that hrc has valuable experience in the realm of diplomacy.

Here's the article:…/a…/philippines-south-china-sea.html


Taxes & Such

I find the discussion on Donald Trumps taxes self-servingly disingenuous by the media. Here's what they ignore. The clinton foundation took in enormous monies which were then used for travel and other "expenses" by the clintons. A recent article analyzed how much of what they took in actually went to charitable benefits: 5%! :-( That is a truly significant, and tiny, number. What it means is that their foundation was simply a vehicle for gathering money and using it without paying taxes on it. In contrast Donald Trump carefully used the tax code to minimize his taxes: That is as American as Apple Pie. Come on.


Here is an analysis of the foundation's Tax Form 990 filings.




This is worth watching:


Military Wives are tough in their own way. Mary Quin shows this. As I saw my wife, Louise, cope with the demands of my service to the nation, I developed a vast respect for her. More importantly a respect for what military wives face and how they problem solve those demands while bearing children and then raising their family.

An example is when Hurricane Hugo struck Charleston, SC. My ship, the USS Benjamin Franklin, newly out of a 2-3 year overhaul, was scheduled to deploy on its first patrol two weeks later. Many families had significant damage to their homes, it took many weeks for electricity to be restored, and there were many other lesser problems to be dealt with. Louise, along with several other wives such as the Ships Ombudsman, got things going, ensured that the Navy's support network was focused on the most pressing of needs among our families, and just made things work.

USS Benjamin Franklin deployed on time and performed as the nation needed for the next nearly 3 months with almost no communication with families. We overlook the importance of a serviceman's family in such deployments. Our servicemen and women can only perform to the level this nation asks if they are confident their loved ones are taken care of.

The support network built by wives is of vast importance to this nation, but it is often unseen. These wives "just do it" to borrow a phrase. Our nation should just say Thank You and ensure this is not forgotten. Mary Quin is the wife of a US Marine Officer, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, 1970.

In her own way Mary Quin, shows this toughness of mind and spirit.



Star Valley & Wyoming deserve far better than This

This Facebook Post was false.


Once I learned of the above false posting I went back to the only person it could have come from. Here are his Facebook message responses:





These make it clear:

  1st I did not say what was alleged

 2nd No one sought to check or verify what was said.




The question facing Star Valley, Teton County, & Sublette County voters is starkly clear: can you trust this person.  Will they actually do what they say they will do when they get to Cheyenne.

The second question is as a conservative this candidate proposes to be a keeper of core conservative values. The above does not jibe with such values.





Hotel California

Whose Ox will be Gored

in the coming General Session

As Wyoming's Legislature deals with the reduced revenues where will the money come from to keep promises made over the years? Here's a look into how CalPers (California Retirement Systems) does business with two sets of books: Hotel California, you can checkout any time but you can't leave

During my summer campaign I spoke to protecting certain areas... and was called a budgeteer out of the 30's... Yet it is always the way of those in the financial world to figure out how to transfer costs to others. If they can do it in a seemingly non-monetary fashion while reducing expenditures they'll take it every time.

What our legislature faces come January is 'realpolitik.' How do you fund all of those vastly necessary things without dinging someones funding stream. Well you pick those least able to come back at you in the next ballot box.

Out of the 30s?


My Service as a Commanding Officer

of a Nuclear Submarine

 I have now heard a rumor that it was spread during the summer primary campaign that I had not really served as a Commanding Officer of the USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640)(Gold). That somehow I was just making this up to impress people. The SSBN designates her as a Nuclear Powered Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine.

Go to, then click on the "640 Roster" on the left side of the page. Then scroll down alphabetically. You'll find me there. Serving from1988 to 1991.

'Nuff said.

Donald Trump's Women's & Families Initiative

Last May, shortly after the Republican National Convention I penned a letter to the Republican Nominee for President of the United States. One of the issues I felt important to him was that of how women are treated in the workplace and my letter addressed that from the perspective of a perception I developed in the summer of 2014 in campaigning across Wyoming.

Very simply about halfway through that campaign I began to sense what I called a 'subterranean anger' in the women I spoke to at the many, many doors I knocked on. This anger was very simple and straightforward: Women feel that they do some heavy lifting within society in bearing and raising children and supporting families. Frequently they end up as a second breadwinner within a family. The end result of this second breadwinner role is that their careers do not develop.

Candidate Trump has now published a plan regarding families and women. I am heartened that he has done so and can only hope that my letter may have had a teensy-tiny smidgeon in forming his thinking. Here's that portion of my letter:

"In the summer of 2014 I campaigned statewide in Wyoming for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Although I didn’t win I noted something that I feel will be critical to you in winning over women voters.

"I hit something on the order of 17,000 doors across all of Wyoming. Not every house had someone home, but you can figure the hit rate for talking with people at their door.

"About halfway through my campaign I began to develop a sense of how women think about their relationships with men. Quite simply there is a “subterranean” anger. Women feel that they are not given a fair shake in the world in general. They feel they do a lot of hard work in raising the next generation, keeping themselves out of the mainstream (in my observation within my marriage a baby takes about 5 years from them). They accept that as part of raising children.

"But they expect to be able to re-enter and, based on their ability and performance, be accepted and progress in their profession. But they find all sorts of subtle barriers in their way including the legal system which they sometimes resort to when treated poorly.

"Women operate in the workplace differently. They are the workplace organizers, they find solutions and make the system around them operate better, and they are those that make the social side of businesses operate more smoothly. In contrast, the workplaces they all too frequently face have been organized by men who ascribe to Napoleon’s dictum: a commander does not seek a bigger tent, he seeks a bigger command. Yet, in contrast, many women seek to make “their command” work better and more smoothly.

"In essence women just “suck it up” accepting that as the price of bearing children. Yet they remain angry.

"So how do you fix this? You find those subtle barriers and strike them down. I observed and assisted my wife in her efforts against an ungrateful school system. Yet at every turn the system gave what I believe were dishonest administrators a pass while holding her to a higher standard.

"I served 30 years of Active Duty in the Nuclear Submarine Force. My DD-214 reflects 30 years and 24 days of active duty, she was my wife for 30 years and 22 days (and still is my wife). I have been disgusted by the recent dishonest treatment she received and the more so because during our 19 moves in 30 years, she had little time to develop a career. She did the best she could as we moved around, but in the end when convenient for administrators her frequent moving was held against her instead of being seen as her bringing vast experience to the table.

"Once she did begin to develop a career, for example making National Level Conference presentation in the Reading and Literacy field, she ran up against a system designed by administrators (mostly men) to “keep teachers (by far mostly women) in their place.” Every level of Wyoming State government and the NEA were useless. They all hid behind various chimeras or buzz phrases as “local control” or “right to work.”

"You want to fix education? Make the system treat teachers as professionals (a good system for this is the US Public Health Service where doctors readily find themselves working under nurses). If you talk with teachers you’ll find disrespect for most administrators (who all too commonly have far less blackboard time). You’ll hear teachers say things like “so what’s the flavor of the week” referring what is the new shtick by their administrator."

Good luck Donald Trump, there is still some heavy lifting to be done here.



Proud to be one of Les Deplorables

Just saw this on Fox News...

Someone has done a takeoff on Victor Hugo's Book about the French Revolution "Les Miserables" and for those who may have struggled through reading his book in HS English in years past it's just too good to pass up.

Les Deplorables... Those of this nation who believe in conservative principles and the constitution. Just saw this on Fox News... Proud to be one of Les Deplorables!



Thank you.

There were many people who greeted me warmly at their front doors as I traveled the district. We had many good conversations and I learned things along the way. Good, tough questions always cause me to learn things. About the people, about their needs, and most importantly about how they view the future and what they expect of Cheyenne.

Thank you to all of the people of HD-22. There were very few "grouches" in the district, a few to be sure, but many, many who want a functional legislature.

Thank you!



Bill Winney


News Flash

I have gotten wind of something...
About two weeks ago I had coffee with Greg Erickson of Etna. He then spoke with some neighbors. It later came back to me via Dan Dockstader that someone had attributed to me saying that Dan Dockstader had "endorsed me." Not so. I closed the loop with Greg Erickson on this and he responded:
"Bill, You did not say, nor did I say the word "endorsed" in any conversation in which I was involved. I'll call Dan if you would like.
What ever has been said about this is hearsay and untrue.


   I believe that leaders are obligated to go to the people and talk with them directly. It is not enough to talk with other local leaders. One must go to the people, listen to and compare their needs and views with others. Then put these into action. One must be careful about going to a smaller, comfortable group of people. You only hear what you want to hear when you do that.

    I have gone to many doors throughout the district and been received warmly. Thank you. What I hear is frustration with the process. Somehow what seems to happen is an agenda plays out, not what the people want.

   One hears ground truth at the front doors. There is no audience to play to, no friends to assure of like mindedness, just what a person thinks. Be assured that I will carry your messages to Cheyenne.

   I ask for your vote tomorrow, Tuesday, August 16th in the Republican Primary.


Hard Working Veteran & Republican

As I see things there are three big issues facing Wyoming: (1) dealing with the large reduction in revenues, (2) getting education on track, and (3) ensuring that Wyoming does not seek a tax increase as a fix for the revenue problems.

Making these things happen means HD 22 must have a powerful Republican voice.

Wyoming's revenues projected in the CREG report (April 2016 update) are starkly declining.

The core of the primary campaign season is that many, many people have had enough of politicians that say one thing at home and perform differently in Washington (or Cheyenne). The core of how I do business is to go to and meet with people. I listen and compare then put what I hear into action. That is my promise to you as I talk with you at your doors.

I believe my opponent's record is clear: empty rhetoric and harsh conservatism.

Throughout my 30 years of active duty in the Navy I had a strong ability to look beyond the horizon and recognize problems and get them fixed before they became problems. I did this primarily by looking hard at how I did business and how the policies and procedures I put out affected my people. I paid great attention to what I said ensuring that I did not speak in hollow language with no capability of putting things into action.

In our case the horizon is now and shows limited state revenues. Comfortable talk-talk won't get us where we need to go.

Everything I did throughout my career was done through people. Say it any way you want to: the people did the hard work. In this picture to the right of another ship's crew, the crew members of the USS Chancellorsville in 2014 show off their awards. They did the work!

My first initiation to budgeting was in 1985 where the early flush Military budgets turned over and vast reductions in those programs were on the way. Later in my career I managed large funding programs. For two years I served as the Program Director for the Virginia Class Attack Submarine Program. One submarine in acquisition has a budget almost as large as the Wyoming State budget (and there were between 6 & 8 in production at any one time).

One important skill I developed was the ability to interact with the legislative process. I've used this skill as a private citizen in front of our legislature, most recently speaking up on education issues. I earned the Competent Toastmaster Certificate and it has made a real difference in my ability to speak and convince in settings such as Public Comment in front of our legislature.

This past Budget Session I spoke up on behalf of Military Spouses and was then invited by the Committee Chairmen to submit a topic for interim studies. I am now working with the Adjutant General's Office developing this. I was honored with this as I did not expect my words in front of the committee to turn into an invitation and then become a real topic.

Private Citizens can make a difference.



Friday, August 12, 2016 12:38 PM

NRA-PVF Rating

The NRA's Political Victory Fund has rated me as Aq in their candidate ratings. I'm a long standing NRA member with a solid view of the Second Amendment. I believe it is quite clearly worded.

Friday, August 12, 2016 11:40 AM

LWV Forum - Marijuana Decriminalization Article Error

The article incorrectly states that I support decriminalization of Marijuana. The question was specifically about medical marijuana. My response was that when the medical community finds marijuana has a place or utility in medicine then laws should follow. That is not an endorsement of decriminalization.

Thursday, August 11, 2016 5:39 AM

JHN&G Article

JHN&G Published positions on key issues.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 8:18 AM

Jackson Hole News & Guide

Recap of candidates for House District 22.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 8:02 AM

Planet Jackson Hole Article

In this article the author doesn't get my position correct on Public Lands. I believe that federal lands should be returned to the states. I find the premise that states cannot properly manage lands is wrong. Read down and look at what I actually said in responding to their question.

Curiously, this paper, in contrast to the JHN&G, did not ask any in depth questions. For example 'Why are you running?' All PJH did was forward 5 questions for response.

They did review my website and capture the essence of why I'm running: My opponent's harsh rhetoric and empty words. Her record in the House is one of ineffectiveness.

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